About Us

Meet Rufus & Pepper, the reason behind Pep & Paws

Rufus and Pepper are our two dachshunds. Rufus joined the family back in March 2020. He is a standard, wire-haired dachshund, who is very stubborn and knows exactly what he wants. Pepper is our miniature, long-haired, red dachshund. Pepper joined the family in 2022. She is a very happy-go-lucky pup, who loves attention and most of all, food. 

Together, we decided to create Pep & Paws when we discovered that Rufus was a little fussy with his food. Rufus has a very sensitive stomach and there were only a couple of food & treat brands that suited his sensitivities. Sometimes these brands were hard to get hold of, so we began creating our own treats.

A couple of years later, after perfecting our treats, we decided to make them available to enjoy by other dogs out there like Rufus. All our treats are manufactured by us here at Pep & Paws, so we know exactly what is included in every pack of treats and to make sure each individual treat is made to the Rufus standard. We take the up-most care in selecting where we buy our produce and we only use quality British ingredients. We actually farm our own Wild Boar, which are fed the produce that is grown on our land! You can’t get more sustainable than that!

We are proud to announce that all our treats are 100% meat, with no added nasty ingredients (something very important to us here at Pep & Paws).

Our Values

Here at Pep & Paws, we are strong believers that dogs are family. Everything we do, has your dog’s health and happiness at the forefront of our minds because we believe that a healthy dog, is a happy dog. We want to change the way that pet owners view their pet’s diet and make all pet owners aware of what their pets are actually eating. We have done this by creating a line of simple dog treats which only include 1 ingredient. Yes, that’s right! Just 1! No more long lists in small print on the back of your treat packaging. Just meat! We aim to help pet owners step away from the highly processed food and treats that are available in the pet industry today!

We think all dogs should be able to enjoy a treat from time to time, whether that be as a snack between meals, for learning a new trick or just because. By creating treats with just 1 ingredient, even the most sensitive canines can indulge in our treat range. All our treats are low in fat and high in protein, made from only natural ingredients and 100% British prime-cut meat!

We would not launch any product which had not been sufficiently tested by our taste testers. Rufus has searched high and low for the very best taste testers in the business. He even put himself forward. No treat is put out onto the market without first passing Rufus’s lips. We call this, the Rufus Paw of Approval.

Choose your pup’s favourite flavours. Get yours now!